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Freshwater Science

Freshwater Science (FWS) publishes articles that advance understanding and environmental stewardship of all types of inland aquatic ecosystems (lakes, rivers, streams, reservoirs, subterranean, and estuaries) and ecosystems at the interface between aquatic and terrestrial habitats (wetlands, riparian areas, and floodplains). 

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Freshwater Science: Volume 40, Issue 1

Monday, March 22, 2021

This month's featured article: Beta diversity of stream insects differs between boreal and subtropical regions, but land use does not generally cause biotic homogenization 

D. K. Petsch, V. S. Saito, V. L. Landeiro, T. S. F. Silva, L. M. Bini, J. Heino, J. Soininen, K. T. Tolonen, J. Jyrkänkallio-Mikkola, V. Pajunen, T. Siqueira, and  A. S. Melo Freshwater Science 40(1): 53-64.

Freshwater Science: Volume 39, Issue 3

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

This month's featured article: Diverse, equitable, and inclusive scientific societies: Progress and opportunities in the Society for Freshwater Science
Erin F. Abernethy, Ivan Arismendi, Anna G. Boegehold, Checo Colón-Gaud, Matthew R. Cover, Erin I. Larson, Eric K. Moody, Brooke E. Penaluna, Arial J. Shogren, Alex J. Webster, and M. Megan Woller-Skar Freshwater Science 39(3): 363-376-85.


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